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16th Dec 2020 | 2:00~4:00pm


IPF 資訊科技體育基金


Dr. Vincent Lau 劉景騰博士

EdD, MBA, MSSYC, CPA, HKPCA, CIH Asia Pacific, SFC licensed representative





IPF 資訊科技體育基金 


40% of job types will disappear within ten years

No matter how fast we count, how good our memory can be ; AI, IoT, robotics, unmanned XX, cloud XX, etc would replace 40% to 60% of the current work types in ten years . . .

IPF founded <STEM SEED Program> in 2016, committed establish a resource sharing ecosystem for the innovation and technology education in 5 industrial categories (new media art, sport, ecology, smart city, startup) through collaboration across social, enterprises and schools

This includes 4 types of STEM creativity education resources that are connecting to real industries (Creativity STEM course, Technology, Offsite activity, Startup Complex) as well as integrating <design thinking>, <team building>, <implementation challenges> learning modes consistently. Among them, creativity STEM courses are divided into 3 levels, including: REG (learning/thinking), SIA (imagination/creation) and Pi Lab (innovation/entrepreneurship)

Regardless religion, race and politic, this facilitates a more equal opportunity for youths to access appropriate technologies in learning, thinking, imagining, creating, innovating and startup. It broadens learners’ horizon through PBL (Project Based Learning) implementation activity, keeping up with time with insight about the new needs from evolution of society and industry. Break-through development of creativity and empathy that can never be replaced by AI robots. Eventually establish personality, autonomy, industrialization and habit of putting ideas into action, as the goals of life education

IPF, ICT-In-Physical Education Foundation Limited (short name: ICTINPE) was established in 2014, is an educational NGO, exempted from tax under Chapter 112, Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong (NGO #91/15045). It is financially independent, main income comes from service fees, donations, fund applications, and sponsorships. Some services will be provided with subsidization, scholarship or free of charge. IPF declines funding from institutions that directly lead to war, discrimination or damage to nature



As early as 2014, IPF associated LaSalle Primary School to host the first STEM open event, kicked off the prelude of STEM education in Hong Kong. Then established Cyberport Startup Complex that sharing free spaces and breaking through to support entrepreneurship for talents of ages below 18. Then, associated Cyberport and City U to establish <Hong Kong 3D Mapping Festival> and become the official event of OGCIO International IT Fest. In these years, IPF officially supports Cyberport and OGCIO in their hosting of IES Internet Economic Summit, DELF Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum on AI and eSport. It also supported the Israeli Consul General in promoting Israeli-Asian activities, establish a middle school <Israel's Startup Nation Tour>, and successfully recommend a Form 4 student into the world’s top 30 high-tech youth list of an Israel Nobel Prize professors’ 10-day Teentech Hackathon program. Obtained SWD fund to benefit 400 students and 300 elderlies for free creative and fun STEM activities.  

Last year, IPF’s founding chairman was selected the <Special Award for Mentorship> by "Student of the Year"; participated final-list assessor of <HKSAR Top-10 Outstanding Student Elections>; successfully recommended a Form 5 students to direct enrolled <Israel Institute of Technology> that founded by Albert Einstein, with 4-year full-fee scholarship; successfully recommended a Form 5 students to a paid intern team in developing real product project for a world top Japanese brand. There was Form 5 students participated a guest speaker of the opening forum of the HKTDC <Entrepreneurship Day>丶Innovation Tech forum of <Alibaba JumpStarter Conference>丶and be selected <Student of the Year> Grand Award Silver. A Primary 5 & 6 student team was participated a speaker with international speakers from NASA and global universities in the opening forum of the <1st Ocean Park STEAM Education International Conference> 

This year, IPF established AVT Awards, supported Great Bay Area STEM Excellent Award – Hong Kong region 2020, ICT Award – Student Innovation Award and participated an assessor 

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