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IPF, ICT-In-Physical Education Foundation Limited, 非註冊譯名: 資訊科技體育基金, 成立於2014年, 為根據香港稅務條例第112章第88條獲豁免繳稅的非政府慈善教育機構, NGO編號: 91/15045


基金 2016 年創辦 <STEM SEED 種子計劃>, 致力 <社商校協作> 建立個產業的創科教育資源共享生態, 包括: 新媒體藝術丶體育丶環保丶智慧城市丶創業, 以及類銜接真實產業的STEM創造力教育資源, 包括: STEM課程丶科技丶外展活動丶青少年創業, 並綜合設計思維 (design thinking)丶團隊建設 (team building) 丶實踐挑戰 (implementation challenges) 等學習模式互相連貫地進行


當中, STEM創造力課程細分為個級別: REG常規課程 (學習/思考)丶SIA實踐課程 (想像/創造)丶Pi LAB先驅實驗課程 (創新/創業) 等, 涵蓋中小學 12 個級別

基金不分宗教丶種族丶政治, 促進青少年更平等的機會涉獵適當的科技去進行學習丶思考丶想像丶創造丶創新丶創業, 並透過 PBL (project based learning) 外展實踐活動擴闊視野, 培養洞悉社會和產業的演變而與時並進的眼界, 以致突破常規發展AI機械人無法取代人類的創造力 (creativity) 和 同理心 (empathy) ; 最終建立人格 (personality) 丶自律 (autonomy) 丶產業化 (industrialized) 丶坐言起行等生命教育目標

基金財政獨立, 主要收入來自服務收費丶捐款丶申請資助丶商業贊助, 部份服務會提供補貼丶獎學金或免費;基金謝絶直接導致戰爭丶歧視或破壞大自然的機構資助

IPF, ICT-In-Physical Education Foundation Limited, 非註冊譯名: 資訊科技體育基金, was established in 2014, is an educational NGO, exempted from tax under Chapter 112, Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong, NGO registration number 91/15045

IPF founded the <STEM SEED Program> in 2016 that committed to establish a resource sharing ecosystem for the innovation and technology education in 5 industrial categories (new media art, sport, ecology, smart city, startup), implementing through collaboration across social, enterprises and schools

STEM SEED includes 4 types of creativity STEM education resources that they are consistent and connecting to the real industries (creativity STEM course, technology, offsite activity, startup complex) as well as integrating the <design thinking>, <team building> and <implementation challenges> learning modes seamlessly. In which, STEM education is divided into 3 levels, including REG (learning/thinking), SIA (imagination/creation) and Pi Lab (innovation/entrepreneurship)

Regardless religion, race and politic, IPF facilitates a more equal opportunity for youths to access appropriate technologies in learning, thinking, imagining, creating, innovating and startup. It broadens learners’ horizon through PBL (Project Based Learning) implementation activity, keeping up with time with insight about the new needs from the evolution of society and industry. And break-through development of creativity and empathy that can never be replaced by AI robots. Eventually establish personality, autonomy, industrialization and habit of putting ideas into actions, in order to fulfil the goals of life education

IPF is financially independent, main income comes from service fees, donations, fund applications, and sponsorships. Some services will be provided with subsidization, scholarship or free of charge. IPF declines funding from institutions that directly lead to war, discrimination or damage to nature



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